I never knew that comic book could become an English subject in a university course. Before taking this class, I never took a comic book as a serious literary device. I knew that some comic books can have the same depth of many great novels, but I never knew that such details were needed to create and read one. This course allowed me to understand that storytelling is not only bound to texts but can also be expressed harmonically together with texts and drawing, bringing even more potent way of creating a story.
The main way I was able to practice my new understanding of graphic novels were weekend sketches. From the beginning of the semester, I always believed that the way I drew mattered a lot since it is an important portion of why I drew the sketch this way. This caused most of the drawing sketches to be difficult ones. Some of them turned out to be horrible or great. It took a long time for these sketches to be done since planning on what to draw took me at least a two hour or brainstorming. This dull process was painful since the idea that was better than worked on sketches forced me to go back to drawing boards. I wanted to get the work done, but I also wanted to draw the sketches that can show my idea on that certain sketch assignment. Although there were some circumstances, I did not want the laziness to drag my quality down. However, some of the sketches showed me that I couldn’t just create a great sketch just by thinking. One of the examples was the sketch 3. It was probably one of the hardest, yet the one that felt most proud of the drawing sketch assignments. It was a sketch where I had to use random everyday object into a visual art. I remember spending two hours lost in what to use as a drawing. Many objects came and went by. I didn’t use many of the previous ideas since I did not want the sketch to have a feeling of cliché. I wanted it to have uniqueness, yet simple. The process took time, but it paid off. I felt that drawing sketches were more difficult than photo related sketches since I needed to create the image completely from the scratch. Every time I drew something, it was either lack of skill in hand drawing or hard time coming up with the concept. However, they were a suitable way to practice imagination since it forces one to think of original ideas. It allowed me to train and create some sketches that I think are unique.
The easiest sketches I felt doing were either editing and creating custom images or the actual photography themselves. The process for some of these sketches was probably fastest in the sketches on the list. In a biased way, there were luck and quick understanding of the sketches’ instructions. If the photo were needed to be taken, I was able to find a topic that was relatable and fun to work around with. For example, when one of the sketches were related with creating a photo that is similar to those of movie scene, I was able to finalize my concept instantly due to equipment I had. For the photo editing sketch, the time consumption and planning were similar to those of drawing sketches, but I was less concerned about the drawing qualities since I was more of creating a new image with existing images.
The essay I had the most interest writing was the history of my learning of how to read and write. Until that assignment instruction was posted, I never thought about how my reading and writing skill came from. When writing that essay, I remembered feeling very lazy, and that gave me an instant idea. Ironically, I wrote an essay about how I had no love towards writing and reading. It was interesting that I was using the essay skills I have learned over the years just so that I can write about the hatred I have towards it sometimes. Being a math and science focused person, I was ironically able to enjoy writing this piece. This allowed the essay to be purely honest towards anyone who read it. It felt a bit controversial since it was the first essay assignment at the time, but taking the unconventional, in my opinion, type of class allowed me to write that essay. In the end, the peer review allowed me to showed that writing style was a mostly positive review. Most positive one is the comment about the honesty of the essay. I felt thrilled when receiving that comment. I rarely received a positive comment in most of the essays that I have written previously. I felt that this assignment allowed me to believed that writing what you truly believed in allows a reader to agree with you more than writing an essay just for a grade.
Overall, taking this writing class was a unique experience. I had fun enjoying literature not only through words but also through the images. It gave me a new perspective on my ten years of learning how to read and write. It was difficult at first since the subject I hated the most became the easiest because of how I got used to it while the very first thing I wanted to do, doing whatever I want with words, became the very thing I got afraid of. It was hard getting out of the shell. Some assignments were easier than others due to that time’s circumstance or my varying interest in each assignment. In conclusion, the class had many interesting aspects of allowing students to jump into a literary world that wouldn’t be commonly seen in a high school environment. It felt wild and confusing at first, but I believed I learned a lot of writing and reading skills from this class that would benefit me in future courses.