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  • Please write about the key moment when, where, and how you first learned to read. What was learning to read like for you? What sorts of books did you read?

From my  memory, I learned how to read and write twice. One is Korean, and one is English. I can no longer what I read in Korean books anymore, but I know that my first book in English was The Holes.

  • How did you feel about reading and writing as an adolescent — say, during middle and high school? What sorts of experiences did you have as a reader and writing in school?

During middle and high school, I really was disinterest in reading and writing. I didn’t hate it, but I would avoid taking writing related classes.

  • What are your experiences with social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or others? What do you remember about your first experiences with such sites? Do you text on a smartphone? What sorts of experiences have you had writing to/for people with those sorts of technologies?

Only social network I have is Facebook, and I rarely use them. I never got into social networking culture. I felt that there was no need for me to express my thoughts in open public area.

  • What are some of the biggest struggles you have had as a reader and/or writer? What are some of your best moments as a writer?

My biggest struggle with reading and writing was properly utilizing English. I really never had best moment as a writer.

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One thought on “Writing Blog

  1. The controlling idea in Tony’s narrative is the idea that the majority of the reading and writing in his life was never for himself; it was always for a grade. I really like how honest his writing is. He seems to have a definitive take on what reading and writing means in his life. The narrative is clear, concise and very easy to follow. Tony identifies his strengths as well as his weaknesses and pinpoints the reasons why that came to be. It was interesting to hear that a math book was the first book handed to him. I would’ve liked to hear more about why that was and if he genuinely enjoys math or if it’s because it was something he’s come accustomed to. Something I could definitely relate to was his siblings superior writing skills as I always felt the same way when I compared my writing to my brothers.


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