Tanning Elephant

I was struggling to find an object that was not too obvious that it would automatically give its shape to the viewer. I gathered all the small items in the room, and I was left with Chinese plastic spoon, Rubix cube, and a peanut. As I was taping the plastic spoon onto the white paper, I got an idea from the scotch tape I was using. I immediately saw the shape of an elephant’s head. The idea just came to my head. There was also a whale’s shape, but that idea was discarded. I didn’t want the elephant’s body to look realistic compared to the scotch tape since it would have looked odd due to its simple shape. After few brainstorming by looking at the picture of Dumbo on google image, I decided to draw the rest of the elephant’s body in a cartoonish way. After building up the sketch, I drew the final line with my pencil and took the photo. Looking at the first photo, there was a shadow on the left side of the elephant’s head. I didn’t like it as first, but I realized I could use that shadow for the sketch. I used the nearby golden fidget spinner as a sun. I thought it was a good addition to the drawing. I spun the fidget spinner and took the photo until I got a satisfied result. The elephant looked like it was sunbathing, so I named the sketch, “Tanning Elephant.”

sk3 Prompt

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