Why Comics?

Art Spiegelman: “The comix I like, and try to do, can be read slowly and often…. I try to make every panel count and sometimes work as long as a month on a page…. I’m excited by the ‘secret language’ of comics — the underlying formal elements that create the illusions” (24)

I think that this quote is similar to what comic stands for. In my experience, comics are read fast. You want to go to next page soon as possible since you want to see more action. But comics aren’t made for you to see a bunch of actions. These are made by people who want to convey their narrative visually. Sure if the panel has a lot of detail, it might be flashy, but they could also try to show the details of the story. Like in Maus where panels with most features are the ones that are interesting that one must read slowly to digest the content.

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