In this photo, I tried to put a picture of what I put in my backpack all the time. Depending on certain days, the content of my bag changes due to subject and schedule. Therefore I decided to show content that I always carry around when I am outside my dorm room. Laptop and charger are for note taking in the class. I always carry a calculator, pencil case, and notebook just in case If I need to do my homework which I might have forgotten to finish. Although I did mention that I use the laptop for note taking, I always bring notebook since writing mathematics and physics equation is much more comfortable than typing. Lastly, I always carry around Japanese textbooks since I have the class four days our of five. These content stay the same, but on different days I carry around visual novels for writing class and lab manual on physics lab. I wanted to create a photo that shows the materials I bring consistently to any classroom I go.

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