Reflection of Tracing Maus

This project was a bit difficult for me since it is my first project about visual novels. Sure I have written countless book reports and summary for school assignments, but visual novel is the first time. While struggling in the conventional style of reading letters, it was hard to analyze the author’s intention when pictures, frames, speech bubbles, and other concepts are also mixed within it. But I found this to be a refreshing experience. I never studied deeply about visual novels. As many people believed that visual novels are just kids thing before, I never knew it could deliver such deep storyline. Some of the content in this project will show my lack of skill, but I am glad about that since I found a new deep world of visual novels. For a person who only analyzed words, looking at the picture gave me fresh look towards the world of literature. It truly gave reason to relate to this famous English language-idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tracing Maus Project (Link to Landing Page)

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