Big Frames Means Important Moments

When I was choosing pages for my Maus project, I wanted to use a page that is significant part of a story while their structures were widely different. Just by skimming on each page’s layout, one can immediately notice that they both have a large image on the pages, but they use it a different way. The first page I used shows that one huge frame was used to convey the idea to the readers. The way he drew looked like was that he wanted readers to have a similar perspective as the people who were shocked on the trains were as they saw the Nazi swastika. Also, this was the first time that swastika is mentioned in the frame of the visual novel. In the second page, the big picture is used again showing a large image of depressed Vladek. The page is about how Vladek is explaining about how rest of his brothers ended up. It felt like that each small frames of large frame represented the piece of Vladek’s family. As each small frame went down, the number of people he knew in his family were also decreasing. I felt that usage of big frames were appropriate in these situations since image can convey ideas faster and better than well written sentences.

Page #1 (Page 32)

Page #2 (Page 116)

Difference of Usage of Large Frame

Stories Behind Them