Difference of Usage of Large Frame

The main difference between these two pages was different usage of huge frames for a significant moment. In the first page, the image is an uninterrupted image of the Nazi flag that is being hung on a town. Everyone is speechless and shocked. Even the swastika is in the center of the page rather than the frame to show how important moment this is to the author. Until this point of the page, Nazis were distance horror for Vladek and his acquaintance. It just didn’t show how scary they were. When they saw Nazi flag, it signifies how close the situation can get to them. It was also a first-time Vladek has witnessed the swastika. In the second page, it uses the vast frame differently. Technically, it is just bunch of small frames joined together, but it can be said that these small frames all add up to create a large frame. I think this was an intentional move done by Spiegelman since he wanted to show that Vladek’s family structure was falling piece by piece. As you see the page 136, you see Vladek on a couch from up to down frame by frame. Basically, there are different way of using the large frames and how they can be created.

Page #1 (Page 32)

Page #2 (Page 116)

Big Frames Means Important Moments

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