My Life Through Words: How I Learn to Read and Write

shutterstock_101366176I was never interested in reading or writing. Even today, I am not interested in both. In fact, I am feeling lazy about writing this paper right now, and reading isn’t just far away from my discomfort in writing. For my entire life, I was never known for writing. I just never got into it. However, it makes me think about this one question. Why did I learn to write then?

The first book I remember interacting was a multiplication book that was given to me so that I could develop mathematics skill early as possible. Eventually, it gave me the idea that writing will never become my primary interest. I valued science and math much more than literature and writing. Watching a documentary about engineering was more interesting than reading a novel with densely packed stories. After coming to the United States, it was an even harder situation for me to get interested in writing since now I had to learn a new language which I wasn’t fluent at that time. I left Korea to early to develop my writing, and I came too late to the United States to firmly grasp the fundamental of writing in English. As I got older, writing just became a bothersome assignment for me to fill in my grade. From middle school to end of my senior year, I learned the core basics of writing, spelling, and structure of it. The most complicated writing ever wrote was the application essay for college admission, since I needed to impress the admission officer. I thought my application essay was good enough, but it was quickly criticized when advisor compared it to my sister’s writing, which was far superior. For me, writing never took off for me.

Compared with writing, reading was more pleasurable experience, but I only read because I was instructed to. When I was doing a survey for this class, I struggled to write the book that I enjoyed in the submission box. That is because I never read book due to my own interest for most of the time. The only reason I read was that of school assignments. Over the past years, over ninety percent of books are from reading assignments. They are all classical literature suggestion from an institution like Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, and so on. Some books were interesting, while some books were dreadful to read. Afterwards, there was obvious assignment of writing summary and analyzing the story. It eventually became repetitive and tedious activity to do. The only text that I read that aren’t forced onto me are interesting news or scientific article.

My will to write and read was influenced for academic goals. There was never a personal interest that sparked me to write a personal essay or reading for my personal benefit. I guess this was caused due to my personal interest in topic other than literature and discouragement from my own family member. I just believe that one can live normal life today with sufficient amount of reading and writing.