Stories Behind Them

In this part of an idea, I want to go in-depth about the stories behind the pages that I have chosen. I did mention the brief story on previous writing, but I want to get much more into it. Starting with the first page, this was the page I chose when we were instructed to select the most significant moment in the book before starting the book II. I decided this page of all else since because it was the Swastika not only first seen by readers but also Vladek and his acquaintance. It can be generalized that the Maus is about a biography of Holocaust survivor, so it felt interesting when we are feeling the same shock value as the characters inside the visual novel. I was having a hard time choosing the second page, but I eventually ended up on page 116. Just like the page 32, it used a large frame to show important moment, but it was used differently. It was significant frame that was divided upon into five different smaller frames. First time reading this page, I felt that author purposely put these small frames into one large frame that shows Vladek. Generally, a family is like a piece of you. When one member is gone, many people state that they felt like part of them inside has died. I think this idea was conveyed through this structure of the layout. Besides, it used an intrusive picture of an only part of a family he has left. I felt that these two pages showed big moments in the story. One in the past and one in the present time in the book.

Page #1 (Page 32)

Page #2 (Page 116)

Big Frames Means Important Moments

Difference of Usage of Large Frame